Linda Damiani

linda damiani hypnotherapeute waterlooMother of two young adults, passionate about painting, reading, and Italy, my journey has been marked by significant transitions, both professional and personal. These experiences have driven me to support people seeking meaning and a different future.

Several times, I had to reinvent myself, taking the difficult path of change, often rocky and requiring unexpected resources. Faced with difficult choices, fear of imposture, or the inability to change, I have consistently chosen to seek support. These supports have allowed me to make giant strides, soothe my suffering, and find new momentum.

Drawing on these learnings and my professional experience, I offer support for professional and personal transitions. If you feel anxious, lost, confronted with fears or suffering due to repetitive patterns or traumas, I am here to help you find peace and make enlightened choices.

Approaches Used:

  • Re-associative Strategic Conversational Hypnosis (PTR): Quick relief, addressing traumas and patterns of psychological and physical suffering ;
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming): Improving thought patterns, communication, emotional management, and anchoring new ways of functioning ;
  • Holistic Coaching: Framing the change process and ensuring the balance of your transformation.

My Professional Background:

  • I started my career in the public sector, switched gear to reconvert into HR and spent 17 years in various international HR roles ;
  • Three years of expatriation in Asia for my work ;
  • A burn-out which provided me with the opportunity for a new career change and the focus on organizational change management and individual support.

I am trained in hypnosis, NLP, coaching according to ICF principles, and various leadership and skills development approaches.

What Distinguishes Me?

A pedagogical and pragmatic approach – action-oriented, attentive and authentic listening, a capacity to reframe with kindness, a relatively direct but respectful approach.

Why Schedule an Appointment?

To ease mental or psychological suffering:

  • Traumas, emotional overload, anxiety, stress ;
  • Inability to grieve or handle a separation ;
  • Loss of self-esteem after failure ;
  • Fear of losing control, emotional blockages, disconnection from the body.

To ease physical suffering:

  • Phantom pain, chronic pain (better pain management) ;
  • Psychosomatic pain (stomach burns, irritable bowel, back pain).

To rebuild and reinvent yourself:

  • Bounce back after burn-out or professional failure ;
  • Change career ;
  • Develop specific competencies (communication, public speaking, managing others …).

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